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Xperienc Inc. announced the launch of two-time NAACP, Image Award Nominee, Darrin D. Henson, to join XOD Network, a streaming on-demand platform promoting ownership and creativity. Henson premieres six (6) films, in which he directed and co-starred in; with plans to launch more content in early 2021.


It used to be that cable was the hot choice for television programming beyond the major networks of NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox. Now streaming with choices such as NetFlix, Hulu and others is the way a lot of folks are going, especially in lieu of the rising cost of cable bills. But even with streaming, the choices don’t always speak to the consumer, especially the Black or urban consumer. That’s changing too with the advent of a new Black-owned streaming company called XOD (Xperienc On Demand).


Atlanta, GA…Friday, April 10, 2020…Xperienc, Inc., a year-old streaming entertainment company, has been making a name for itself as an industry disrupter in the streaming industry, as a one-stop-shop for all content and music distribution needs.


Rashatta, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. I am a product of North Atlanta High School’s International Business program, where my passion for entrepreneurship was sparked. In the program I was afforded opportunities to travel to Tunis, Tunisia, Germany, Trinidad to name a few.