Rashatta Daugett On Business Radio X


Rashatta Daugett is an owner partner and Chief Operating Officer at Xperienc Inc. In addition to ensuring that day to day operations run smoothly across all departments, Rashatta enjoys assisting content creators with owning a show, channel or network to be distributed world-wide through Xperienc On Demand.

She also enjoys helping aspiring business owners learn how to successfully launch their business endeavors. Rashatta believes that effective preparation is essential to being a successful business owner. As a certified workshop facilitator and life coach, Rashatta is eager to assist others with the knowledge she has gained from her tireless research and simple trial and errors.

A serial entrepreneur, Rashatta has established about 13 different streams of income for herself and family. She added “author” to her belt of accomplishments in 2011 with the release of her first self-published book entitled “A Wife to Leadership”. Shee is extremely excited about the release of her first compilation book “Daughters of Triumph”. This book is a compilation of 20 other women who share their testimonies of great triumph in their lives!

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What is XOD?
  • Can anyone have a show, channel or network?
  • What are some of your programs/networks and who are some of your well known personalities?
  • How did this opportunity to be a partner and COO come about?
  • What does 2020 look like for XOD?
Written By:
Angie Shields
Media Company:
Business Radio X