We Build. You Create.
Together We Scale

We believe in scaling curated content to help reach consumers where they are, today.
Not yesterday. Time evolves and we continue to expand our solutions to meet
the needs of all content creators.. small and big.
Content Distribution
Distribute your films, shows, episodic series, movies, magazines, and podcasts on the XOD Network app. Maintain 100% of your rights and earnings.
Live Stream
Small or Big. Enjoy our live streaming servers with secure CDN and global reach. Enjoy live notifications about your live stream event, support staff to help along the way plus more! This is more than a live stream, but a live streaming experience.
Content Placement
Ever had a dream to be next to the stars? We help you get there. We manage the process of getting your content placed and well as licensing content from other film and media studios. Some content placement platforms include Amazon Prime, The Orchard, and Tubi.
App Development
We design and manage custom branded content apps on all major app platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon, Apple TV, LG, Samsung, and Roku). You bring the content and we handle everything else. We take the stress away with all of the geeky stuff, so you can scale your content business faster.
Media Consultation
Tap into over 100+ years of media experience to help you get on track, scale from where you are, or simply to get a plan to success. Recommended for media executives, production companies, and labels. Need help getting over the ground, give us a shout.
Music Distribution
Xperienc Studios hosts a myriad of music solutions; including music distribution and publishing to help independent labels get more bang for their buck. We have partnered with The Orchard - to release your music tracks and videos to over 100 countries and 235+ platforms.
We're your premier creative and marketing engine that enhances high-yielding results through strategy, advertising, and professional branding. We help brands meet people where they are.
Business Development
Have a vision but don't know where to start. We will guide you from start to finish to get your media business up and running. Our experienced team members have over 70+ years in business management.
HR and Payroll
For media businesses, small to large. Xperienc Desk offers employee benefits made to fit your budget. Not sure where to start? Our licensed advisors can help you choose the right health benefits for your team.

Ready to get started?

    Content Creator Pricing

    No hidden fees, and fast setup.
    • 1-Time Set Up: $249
    • 1 Placement
    • Unlimited Episodes
    • Unlimited Music Distribution
    • 100% Payouts
    • Live Streaming
    • 1-Time Set Up: $299
    • Multi-Placement
    • Unlimited Episodes
    • Unlimited Music Distribution
    • 100% Payouts
    • Live Streaming
    • Branded Apps
    • Advertising Studio
    • Video CMS
    • End User Support
    • Developer Tools